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N30: James Hanisch - From the NFL to Hawkin Dynamics

September 14, 2022

Today we are joined by James Hanisch on Episode 30 of The Hawkin Podcast.


James is currently the Managing Director of the Hawkin Dynamics Asia-Pacific region. Previously, James held positions as Director of Performance Science with the Philadelphia Eagles, Sports Science Coordinator at the University of Oregon, as well as performance analyst with the Brisbane Lions and Adelaide Football Club. Hanisch earned his Master's Degree in High-Performance Sport from ACU (Australian Catholic University) and his Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Movement from the University of South Australia. James has now been a part of the Hawkin Dynamics Team for a year but has been part of the Hawkin Family for much longer, as he was a previous user of the Hawkin Dynamics Force Plates prior to becoming an employee. With knowing the business from both the user perspective as well as the internal team member perspective, James is able to share why he has been a loyal part of Hawkin Dynamics.


Time Stamps for Today's Episode:


  • 00:07 Who is James Hanisch?
  • 01:05 HD’s Australian footprint
  • 04:21 User application
  • 07:07 The Hawkin Family
  • 09:24 Customer service is the key to success
  • 14:48 Building force plates into daily practice
  • 20:10 The evolution of Force Plate Testing
  • 27:54 Accuracy, time efficiency & reliability
  • 31:43 What’s getting you fired up?
  • 35:37 Controlling the dosages of exercise
  • 39:31 Closing thoughts from James
  • 42:34 How to contact James


If you are interested in learning more about James Hanisch, he can be found on LinkedIn here, Instagram here, or by email at


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