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N27: Dr. William Kraemer - History of the Husker

August 3, 2022

Today we are joined by Dr. William Kraemer on Episode 27 of The Hawkin Podcast.


Dr. Kraemer is ranked the number 1 sports scientist in the field, he also established himself as one of the Google Scholars, ranking in the top 0.5 to 1% in his field. Previously he has held full professorships at The Ohio State University, Pennsylvania State University, Ball State University, and the University of Connecticut along with appointments at their medical schools. Prior to his scientific career, he was a teacher and coach of football, wrestling, and strength coaching in athletics at the secondary and college levels.  Dr. Kraemer has published 12 books, over 500 peer-reviewed papers in the scientific literature, and over 100 chapters along and a multitude of other educational publications. Additionally, he was a commissioned officer in the United States Army working in the Exercise Physiology Division at the U.S. Army’s Research Institute of Environmental Medicine, Natick Massachusetts. With a wide variety of experiences, Dr. Kraemer is able to give our listeners some excellent takeaways from this episode.


Time Stamps for Today's Episode:

  • 00:07 Introduction to today’s episode
  • 02:12 Who is Dr. William Kraemer?
  • 03:50 The beginning of the Husker
  • 06:16 Specified conditioning
  • 10:20 Finding the balance between upper limits & recovery
  • 18:30 Is the Husker program right for you?
  • 20:28 Psychologically strenuous
  • 24:29 Flexible programming & recovery
  • 36:28 How force plates can play a role in programming
  • 39:50 Acute inventory during workouts
  • 45:30 Everybody plays a role
  • 54:10 Closing advice from Dr. Kraemer
  • 58:52 Episode outro


If you are interested in learning more about Dr. William Kraemer, he can be found on LinkedIn here.


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