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N26: Adam Petway - Asking The Question First

July 20, 2022

Today we are joined by Adam Petway on Episode 26 of The Hawkin Podcast.

Adam is currently the Director of Strength & Conditioning at the University of Louisville Men's Basketball. Previously, Adam has held positions as Horizontal Jumps Coach/Assistant Track & Field Coach at West Chester University of Pennsylvania, Director of Athletic Performance for the Washington Wizards, Lead Biomechanist, Strength & Conditioning for the Philadelphia 76ers, and Director of Strength & Conditioning with the University of Arkansas Basketball Program. Adam received his Ph.D. from (UCAM) Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia and his MBA from Universidad Europea. With a passion for athlete progression, Adam Petway gives some good advice to others in the field of S&C.

Timestamps of Today's Episode:


  • 00:08 Introduction to today's episode
  • 00:27 Who is Adam Petway?
  • 04:19 God Given vs Data Driven
  • 11:48 Player Development
  • 14:44 Neuromuscular and Kinetic Profiling
  • 18:00 Force Plate Testing Frequency
  • 21:43 The Importance of Data Integrity
  • 23:09 NBA Setting to Track & Field
  • 30:20 Productivity Metrics vs Strategy Metrics
  • 33:28 Top Tier Metrics
  • 37:33 Asking the Question First
  • 42:25 Using Data to its Full Potential
  • 45:45 5-Year Forecast of the Industry
  • 48:00 Adam’s Advice to His Younger Self
  • 50:29 Adam Petway’s Contact Information


If you are interested in learning more about Adam Petway, he can be found on LinkedIn here or by email at

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