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N25: Paul Smith - Medical Application & Athletic Training

July 6, 2022

Today we are joined by Paul Smith on Episode 25 of The Hawkin Podcast.

Paul is currently the Assistant Director of Medical Services & Assistant Head Football Athletic Trainer at the University of Arizona. Previously, Paul has held the responsibilities of Director of Athletic Training for Boise State University Football and Associate Head Athletic Trainer/Head Football Athletic Trainer at Yale University. Paul received his Master of Kinesiology from Boise State University in Boise, ID, and Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training from Boston University in Boston, MA. With a goal of bridging the gap between medicine and performance, Paul's take on Athletic Training is one you'll want to listen to.


Timestamps of Today's Episode:

  • 00:00:08 Intro to today's episode
  • 00:01:06 Paul Smith’s path into the world to athletic training
  • 00:06:37 What are the demands of athletic training?
  • 00:16:45 The importance of performance training
  • 00:21:23 The balance of humble and hungry
  • 00:29:07 Paul Smith’s incredible injury report
  • 00:39:10 ACL milestones
  • 00:49:54 Nurturing athletes
  • 00:54:50 Defining cautiously aggressive
  • 00:58:04 Athletes differ, recoveries differ
  • 01:07:02 Teachings to the next generation of athletic trainers
  • 01:18:41 Paul’s work-life balance
  • 01:22:36 Paul Smith’s socials and contact info

If you are interested in learning more about Paul Smith, he can be found on LinkedIn here or Twitter here.

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