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N23: Wes Barnett - Olympic Athlete to VP at Thorne Healthtech

June 1, 2022

Today we are joined by Wes Barnett on Episode 23 of The Hawkin Podcast.


Wes is currently the VP of Business Development at Thorne Healthtech, a leader in developing the world’s most innovative solutions for a personalized approach to health and well-being. Wes was previously the Director of International Games for the US Olympic Committee, as well as their Director of Sports Performance. Prior to working with the US Olympic Committee, Wes was an athlete that competed in two Olympic Games (1992 & 1996). He also competed in the Pan Am Games, winning Bronze in 1999, Silver in 1991, and bringing home the Gold medal in 1995.


Timestamps of Today's Episode:

  • 00:06 Intro to today's episode
  • 01:31 How Wes Barnett caught the iron bug
  • 06:02 The evolution of weight lifting
  • 19:05 The role of Olympic lifting in performance
  • 35:53 Transferring personal lessons to a professional setting
  • 40:34 Wes Barnett’s impact as a leader
  • 46:35 Alignment in your goals 
  • 52:12 Human Performance is a key to success
  • 59:40 Outro to Wes Barnett, Part 1

If you are interested in learning more about Wes Barnett, he can be found on LinkedIn here.

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