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N2: Eric Renaghan ━ Merit-Based Training

July 22, 2021

Eric Renaghan is currently the General Manager at Sanford Power in Irvine California. Prior to leading Sanford Power Eric was the Head of Strength and Conditioning for the St. Louis Blues (NHL) starting in 2016. Prior to his position with the Blues, he held the title of assistant S&C coach for the Vancouver Canucks. Eric has also recently completed his graduate studies in biomechanics from Lindenwood University. His main interest is in neuro-mechanics and movement expression as it relates to sport performance.


In today's podcast we'll cover:

1.  Clarity in data with common sense 

2. Training for Adaptations 

3.  Thresholds and Cutoffs

4.  Proxies and Absolute Values 

5.  Foundations program is a the test, not testing an individuals foundation.

6. Merit Based Training 


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